Located a .net domain of a .com Frank Schilling owns

A few days ago, I located a .net domain that was product related. I had a feeling that this domain would be a nice hand registration. I decided that I should not wait to register the domain.

I never thought about who owned the .com version. To my amazement, Frank Schilling owns the .com. What I also discovered is that this domain must be earning revenue. Why?

Usually I come across domains that Frank owns. Most of his domains are usually up for sale. However, this particular .com is parked, and not available for sale.

That makes me feel confident that there’s future potential for this domain. The domain’s stats are 1,110,000 average keyword results, 5,500 monthly popular searches, and $1.34 CPC.

I own a few .us in which Frank owns the .net. Now I finally located a .net in which Frank owns the .com. I think the domain is a nice find at the cost of registration.

Never underestimate your ability to locate new domains with nice stats. Good luck!

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