Maybe Privacy is worth having on my domains

Yesterday I prepared a post on taking down domain privacy. I have a few hundred domains that have privacy, while the others do not have any privacy. I opened up my e-mail account today, noticing that it’s going haywire.

I’m receiving dozens of returned mail that I never even sent. Some are even from companies that we do business with on a daily basis. I received a few returned emails from my contact address list. These are from people I haven’t talked to in about three years.

What an odd situation. I received a message from the gas company, stating that they will reply to my message later. The same exact problem occurred with eBay.

These are messages I never sent. It seems as if someone is trying to attack my e-mail box to make a point about the importance of maintaining privacy controls.

I’m receiving auto-generated messages in my email box, which is now overloaded with spam. Not even the spam box can filter out all the bad mail. In order to get free privacy, I have to place an order for 5 domains or more.

Adding privacy to domains without utilizing the free option can be very expensive. Since I was frustrated about a botched deal involving privacy, I managed to voice my frustration out on taking down privacy.

However, my e-mail box is flooded with spam. It seems as if the e-mail account itself is sending out mail to people in my address. Hopefully i didn’t open an e-mail with a virus in it. It’s an odd situation.

I would actually recommend privacy. Just make sure you remove privacy before initiating a transfer to another registrar. Whenever you transfer domains between two Go Daddy accounts, all services that are attached to the domain will be canceled.

If you have an opportunity to order privacy, I would recommend it. The constant spam mail overage may be due to my post about taking down privacy.

Put up privacy on your domains. If someone is interested in buying your domain, they will send you a message using the e-mail attached to the domain. Privacy sure does matter.

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