Using Sedo to complete domain deals

I recently experienced some major backlash. I tried to use Sedo many times to complete a particular transaction. Because I didn’t use Sedo, I’m going through a disaster.

As we all may know, Sedo has a great transfer department. They also feature some of the best domain names in the industry. Their auctions attract worldwide attention, as well as Marketplace auction.

I once completed two separate deals on 2 domains. Sedo took care of the transaction in a matter of a day,

I have been venturing outside of domain companies to sell domains. My last deal for several domains was a success. However, that deal is in disarray. I wanted to Sedo to perform the transfer. Instead, the buyer kept pushing to do the transfer himself.

The transfer of the domains could never be performed. I contacted the buyer many times to put in the EPP code to transfer the domains. I arranged invoices, detailing the terms of the agreement.

The buyer accepted the two domain deals in the e-mails, and also paid for the domains using PayPal. Because there was some issues with another project he wanted me to do, he now wants a refund for the domains.

The buyer mentioned that the domains never changed ownership, so the domain deal never went through. However, he agreed to the terms in the e-mails and in paying the invoices that contained the agreement.

At the beginning, I tried hard to ensure that Sedo facilitated the transaction and conducted the transfer. Now I’m going through a slew of conflict with this owner.

To make a long story short, don’t deal directly with the owner. Commission Sedo to help ensure a smooth transaction. You never now when a buyer will try to create problems for you in the near future.

Save yourself the trouble with taking a chance on a buyer. Check out Sedo. They will prepare the contract, take payment from the buyer, assume ownership of the domain, and pay you for the sale. In the end, everyone is happy and you don’t have to worry about a buyer creating conflict.

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