Score a cool flip lately?

I managed to push a few domains at Bargain Domains. The new auction format is much more efficient, especially when domainers don’t have to wait for an offer. Lately, I have been finding it hard to flip a domain.

The domain industry has been an up and down rolling coaster ride. There are times when I feel that I’m doing good, and other moments in which domaining is an uphill challenge.

The 60-day transfer rule makes it hard for me to push good domains right away. When I locate a few good names that I can sell right away, I have to wait to offer them to a buyer or to post them up for sale.

I assume domaining is scoring a quick flip in a few days, week, or in a month. If you have to wait two months to transfer a domain, your sale will qualify as a flip. However, scoring a flip is not as easy as others make it seem.

In order to flip a domain, you have to put in some serious work. For the most part, you’re not guaranteed to flip every domain. I would recommend that you buy good domain names that have commercial value.

What is a good name? A good name is one that’s a generic term, or one that is specific to a product or service. As 3 character domains are generating major sales, there are still a dozen 3 character .co names still available.

Generic hotel names are popular. City of “name ” can probably produce a flip. I would invest into good .com domains. “City”, “City”, education, services, credit monitoring, medical, counseling, medical treatment, online products, books, rentals, and much more.

I’m sure you asked many blogs many times on what names are good. They will usually respond with a vague answer, or just ignore the question altogether. Term word names that are specific to hiking, camping, auto parts, and cake seem to be popular in the aftermarket.

The .com is always an easy sale, whereas the other extensions require more work and convincing to push. If you want to score a flip, don’t get too attached to your domains.

In the domaining world, every domain is up for sale. Your main goal is to flip a domain in the least amount of time as possible without incurring registration fees. Only register your domain name for 1 year, which will give you 1 year to make a sale.

If you find a real good domain name in an auction or a fresh new drop, you can register the domain for a longer period of time. I look at domaining as a quick sale, whereas domain investing is long-term.

If you scored a flip lately, leave a comment.

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