Life is never simple

Before I started domaining, I already knew that you should never share any personal information with another stranger. What I soon discovered is that when a deal goes sour, people will try to use the information as a way to ruin you.

One deal went South after a disagreement. I noticed that when you share anything regarding your money struggles, another person will use that to their advantage.

Never ever share any personal information with a buyer, unless you’re working for the person on a daily basis. Treat every deal professional. Leave out the personal facts, history, and information.

Competitors, businesses, and people that have a falling out will try to ruin each other. I ensure you that people will go out of their way to create conflict. There are many businesses that are cutthroat, unethical, and unprofessional.

Life is never simple. Learn from other peoples’ mistakes to save yourself problems. The domain industry is full of shady people. Many website owners will step on people, with no care in the world as to whether it causes another person harm.

Domaining is a risky business. You have to be alert when you engage into any transactions, especially when you’re dealing directly with a buyer. I would rather use Bargain Domains and Sedo to complete a deal. You can make life easy when you learn from your mistakes.

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